People And Our Surroundings.



Maintaining friendships and romantic relationships has been challenging for me during this time.  In addition to starting my own company,  I’m also beginning to implement a healthier lifestyle.   This means cutting out old habits and sometimes people.  As far as people are concerned, it’s ok to outgrow certain people.  Hopefully as we age, we evolve.  You may find that certain people in your life don’t seem to evolve with the times or progress forward at your speed.   This may be ok if ONLY …they still remain supportive of your goals.  Some people will feel threatened by those that are risk takers in life and some simply do not understand.  It’s ok for us to have opposing opinions as long as we remain supportive of one another.   Lets remember, our journeys sometimes bring us to conclusions and opportunities that we would have NEVER discovered otherwise.  If we hadn’t had the courage to embark upon a different path, then we probably would have never discovered how much opportunity is to be had!  In other words, maybe someone in your life has a career idea that you may consider to be completely unattainable or outlandish. Try to keep in mind that the process of attaining a certain goal can advance that person to a completely different set of circumstances in life.  An opportunity to achieve something even GREATER than their original goal is possible.  In fact its a common circumstance to discover new opportunities once you’ve opened yourself up to the possibility of change.  For most of us, just knowing that we have tried is far more satisfying than regretting the fact that we have not.  If life truly is about discovery and the lessons learned then I can’t think of a better way.  Your ladder awaits…

Author: branchingbeauty

Founder Of Branching Beauty.

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