Labor Day Weekend



LDay fire


As I sit in my window writing this, just to my left over the freeway are the Burbank Mountains up in flames.  I’m currently living near the Hollywood Bowl and despite of the noise and traffic, I’m happy.  I remind myself constantly that the traffic jams and city bustle are that of a “New York” feel and that white noise sound of the freeway… to me it sounds like the ocean.

A brush fire exploded to 8,000 acres yesterday while prompting mandatory evacuations in Burbank, Glendale and Sunland-Tujunga, just next to my residence is what officials all calling to be the largest blaze by acreage in Los Angeles city history.

I sit quietly today on this Labor Day Saturday, thankful to not have to evacuate and avoiding the inhalation of smoke.  I’m seeing to it that my dog Louie is safe and cool and the AC is working properly since Lou is 11 years old and yesterday the temperate in LA reached a high of 107 degrees. What better time to write a post?

I have a nice cool and dry place to relax, I’m lucky.  While watching the news coverage of Hurricane Harvey this past week, I do realize not all are as fortunate as I.  Not to scare you off with any mumbo jumbo but if the fact that Mercury is in retrograde means anything to you, just hold on a few more days…it ends on September 5th.

I happily welcome the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall.  In fact I’m getting cozy just thinking about it!  Everyone seems to be a huge fan of Summer but personally I’m a Fall/Winter person.  In a city like LA, it never really freezes or gets too cold.  Our Fall climate is probably comparable to that of Summer weather in many other cities.  For me, Summer means rushing to and from work in the heat, not feeling my best because I’m sweating.  It means cranking up the air conditioner instead of enjoying the open windows and a nice fresh breeze.  It means my little dog Lou needs to be walked on the grass and not the concrete so that his paws don’t get too hot.  With that being said, I anticipate the end of summer while it makes most people sad.  This weekend being Labor Day Weekend makes me happy since I know what I’ve got coming and what to look forward to.  I anticipate the end of this heat and I anticipate some really exciting career opportunities.  I’m finally focusing on my passions and what I truly love most in life!  With this dairy, I will continue to share all of this with you.  Career wise it’s all coming together.  I am however, a work in progress and I’m not perfect.   The realization of this has inspired me to hire a life coach.  I start sessions soon and I couldn’t be more excited about this new chapter in my life.  On that note, bring on the cool weather! Bring on the boots, the scarves, and fuzzy sweaters! I’m ready!













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2 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend”

  1. Fabulous post. While I acknowledge mercury, I don’t track… so that explains my 15 dropped calls yesterday 🤔


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