Tuesdays Photo Shoot Coming Up!

To officially launch the “Beauty” category,  I will be featuring a post from next weeks photo shoot! I’m looking forward to a great team with Model Sarah McNeilly, Photographer Mark Sacro, and myself as the Makeup Artist. I’ve worked with both Sarah and Mark before but not at the same time. We’ll be shooting a “Beauty Series” so there won’t be a wardrobe stylist needed for this particular shoot. A beauty shoot is an excellent way to get creative with makeup and I’ve got the perfect canvas! Meet Sarah McNeilly:




Yes that’s her on the cover of Vogue Magazine!



For many years I’ve had the chance to watch Mark Sacros photography career evolve. I’ve always been a fan of Marks work, looking forward to this collaboration on Tuesday! Some of Marks portfolio:


Yes that first image is the beautiful Miss Paris Hilton looking regal and amazing!

I’ve never blogged after a shoot so this will be a first for me. I’m starting to share in many categories of my life and now beginning to identify which posts and categories people enjoy the most. If this category interests people then I’ll continue to document it and may even add a “Photo Shoot” branch to the tree!

Our shoot is this Tuesday, September 17th. Check back to see how our day went and catch some “Behind The Scenes” action from our shoot!

Author: branchingbeauty

Founder Of Branching Beauty.

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