Finding My Meditation



Lately I’ve found myself searching for different ways to meditate. Personally I need something different than the standard practice of sitting alone, searching for that space of zero thought and a repetitive mantra. Though I have utmost amount of respect for those who can use this practice, for me it’s not as easily achieved.

With life’s overwhelming ways, sometimes we just need an escape. We need a break from our own racing thoughts, even its just for a few minutes. Have you ever noticed that when your mind is preoccupied, it seems that it’s impossible to force it to operate at its full capacity?  It’s almost as if time stands still until you can unlock your own mind. Life continues to move around you but you remain frozen in your own stress and nothing productive is achieved. With such happening, I’ve realized that I need to find my meditation. As this realization has occurred within myself, I’ve discovered that I find peace through writing. Though I’m focused, I’m really not necessarily “thinking” and I’ve found a way to give my mind a break. This could be considered writing in a flowing “stream of consciousness”, and you don’t need to be a writer to do this.

Writing in a stream of consciousness produces this feeling of complete freedom. The sensation is something comparable to a “runners high” and its fantastic! Have you ever had this feeling? It’s almost as if you’re floating. There are no feelings of pain, tension, or stress. Some consider this to be a heightened state of consciousness but for me, it’s simply a safe place to relax. It’s a place distanced far from worry and it feels something otherworldly.

With pen to paper, I explore different scenarios and possible methods of meditation before realizing that I’m meditating at this very moment. My mind is beginning to calm. I take a deep breath, exhale and here I am feeling that everything will be alright. I can now reference all of the research of done. With my minds archived literature and learnings, guiding me to “Stay In The Moment”… I may have discovered my own personal path to the being in the NOW.

Can the ability to meditate enhance your overall productivity? My answer is most certainly YES! Meditation is a tool that can be adapted as a regular practice and can be extremely beneficial to all of us.

Today as I wind down on a positive note, I reflect on my afternoon meeting with the Marketing Expert whom I’m interested in working with. The stars must have aligned during our conversation, I just had that kind of feeling. As I replay our conversation in mind I’m realizing, WOW… this person is really excited to work with me! I wasn’t nervous about our meeting and I had no doubts going into our conversation. I’ve realized that when an opportunity doesn’t work out, it’s usually because something better or more fit for me is on its way. This shift in my thinking has proved a definite impact for the better.

I’m home tonight and feeling accomplished, happy, and looking forward to posting this article. If life is what you MAKE of it then today… I made a good day.

Author: branchingbeauty

Founder Of Branching Beauty.

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