Branching Beauty Launch:


Beginning with the original plan of creating an Ecommerce Website, the Branching Beauty “Tree” is continuing to flourish and grow it’s branches.

The social media campaign and website, has led me down a complete path of discovery and determination. I plan to share all of this with you.  The road has been rocky at times and other times, paved with a layer of luck and opportunity that feels nothing less than cinematic.

I feel that I have finally achieved a peace of mind in knowing exactly what I plan to do with all of this opportunity and progress.

I’d love to share my discoveries, collaborations, interviews, and newest career announcements with all of you on

The Branching Beauty template was originally created as an experiment and has completely redeemed itself to be a successful test. is currently under revision & construction. I’ve decided to move forward with hiring a team to customize and develop the site using a completely different platform and format. I have 100% created and maintained the current and original site on my own. The sites growth has accelerated and content is now beginning to archive. The next natural step is now in motion for Branching Beauty!

The domain will remain the same but the entire site will have a completely different look and feel. Once complete, there will be an official site launch, which will soon be announced.

As the founder of Branching Beauty, I’m highly anticipating the growth and expansion of what was once an idea, into what is now a manifestation of my dreams and efforts. A culmination of all achievements and relationships I’ve nurtured while living in Los Angeles will now compose what will be:

Branching Beauty.


Author: branchingbeauty

Founder Of Branching Beauty.

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