5 Simple Habits…

unnamed-2If you’ve ever tried starting a blog, then surely you realize how time-consuming the process is. It seems appealing in the beginning but then you realize how much time really does go into every single article written. The web is completely saturated with websites and personal blogs these days. If you spend some time surfing the internet, you’ll realize that most of the content out there is similar. Topics trend and websites and blogs sort of all cover the same material, at the same time. If I were to focus on every single detail, I’d lose sight of what really is important to me. I can only focus on the fact that doing this writing is like therapy for me and to share it with you gives me a true sense of giving back. Read an article of mine and live a day in the life of me. If you can see the world through my eyes, you’ll get a different perspective. I go about my life much differently than most people do and if you stick around for while you’ll start to figure out what I mean by that. With that being said, I’m going to put myself on a normal work schedule with this website and do my writing on a regular basis. I seem to focus mostly on the Diary section but in reality, this entire blog is really is my Diary. As I write, I continue to incorporate each subject and branch of this amazing tree into my daily routine. Mind, Body, and Soul.

Since this is a Wellness article, let’s get to it. I’ve found that if I don’t keep myself in check, incorporating healthy routines into my life, I’ll start to get lazy. It can be as simple as drinking enough water every day (which is crucial). Unless you have someone following you around telling you to drink water all day you can forget to do it. Or if you’re like me, you’ll substitute an iced latte for water, which can wreak havoc on your body. Having said that, let’s begin with the water. This past month I’ve found myself slipping a bit, not nurturing myself as much and when I look into the mirror I’ve noticed a difference. I’m vain, I care about my appearance and something that I’ve tried and tested to be true is the practice of a healthy lifestyle leads to a better looking ME! I had to take a step back and look at what I have and have NOT been doing recently. In certain categories, the simplest ones… I’ve seemed to fail. I’ve now compiled a quick list of very effective and simple habits to put into action.  I’ve realized that if I do these things, I look and feel my best. Here we go:


1.Move Your Body
Pretend that you don’t have a car. Instead of driving to the grocery store, walk there. Instead of driving to get coffee, get up 15 minutes earlier and walk there. Enjoy your walk. If you live in an area that isn’t walkable then walk in a different area. Perhaps you walk during your lunch break instead of driving. If you live in an area that the weather prevents you from walking, find an indoor shopping area or mall and put your headphones on. Pretend the people aren’t there and get into the zone. Walking has done so much for me physically and emotionally. When I walk I take in everything visually and notice whats true and unique to my surroundings. This keeps me in an appreciative state of consciousness, otherwise known as the “attitude of gratitude”. Living in a city like Los Angeles makes it easy with our perfect weather. If you live in Southern California get out and walk! You have no excuse!

2. Turn Off Your Phone
If you are like me you are always glancing or fidgeting with your phone. It becomes a nervous habit or addiction. If you find yourself consciously waiting 5 or 10 minutes to return a text so that the person won’t think you’re staring at your phone all day, its time to unplug. It has been proven that digital technology can cause anxiety and stress. Put your phone away completely for a couple of hours a day. Does that sound crazy? Pick up a book and do some reading and if you find yourself unable to concentrate on your reading material because you wonder whats going on with your phone…you may want to work on bonding with another human being instead of a piece of technology.

3. Drink Water
This is one that is just so easy that we tend to overlook it completely. If that makes any sense? Water is very important! Constantly drink water to stay hydrated. Water can cure a headache, fatigue, joint pain, and more. We need water to detox our bodies and for proper brain and liver function. Also, the heart can move blood to our muscles easier during exercise if we are drinking enough water. I could go on and on with this topic, I could write a book on the importance of water alone (I won’t tho-boring). Drink your water!

4. Add Herbs And Spices To Your Diet
I will continuously write more on this topic because there is so much good information to share. I’m beginning to learn that herbal alternatives can provide energy as well as stress relief. For me, this concept was difficult to believe. It just seems too easy or too good to be true. How could we possibly gain energy through something so natural and pure? In a world full of artificial stimulants, how could there be another way? Begin to educate yourself a bit on this topic. This is another one that I could write a book about. Most likely whatever it is that is bothering you or ailing you, whatever you feel your body isn’t producing on its own naturally…there’s probably an herbal remedy for. You just have to try different things and you have to believe that it will work. Start with an herbal tea and go from there.

5. Give Yourself A Break
If you are like me and meditation is a challenge, take up a sport or hobby that is mind consuming and can keep you at the moment. I have friends that have become surfers because they just couldn’t manage to “slow” down their minds. A surfer is forced to stay in the moment and that’s why to some people, it becomes a lifestyle. For me, writing this article right now is meditation. I’m completely focused at this very moment of expression. Personally, I’ve found something that works! If you are still trying to find your way, Google search ways or “different methods” of meditation. Anything that can shift your focus from your own day-to-day challenges to that place of pure concentration (even if it’s just 15 minutes a day) will do wonders for your emotional state of being.

There you have it, my own personal get well soon list! With these methods implemented correctly, you’ll be on your way to a much better version of yourself. One good habit leads to another and you’ll find that when you get the momentum going, you’ll become more and more excited to learn and find different ways to take care of yourself. Also remember to check in with me and see what I’m up to if you don’t have time to research, most likely I’ve done it for you and will write about it. You can be sure to expect to hear more from me now that I’ve put myself on a schedule with my article writing. Hey, can you put YOURSELF on a schedule with YOUR own method of meditation? If that oil painting project or restoring that old piece of furniture clears your mind..can you find a way to dedicate 30 minutes to an hour of your day to focus on your new project? How about every other day or perhaps just once per week? Find a way to schedule an actual break for yourself and you’ll feel a difference!


How did I get here?


I’ve spent the last couple of years adventuring. For someone who had resided in the same place for 7 years, this was quite a change for me. I lived in West Hollywood and really didn’t leave my little bubble. Once I broke free from it, my entire world began to change. I began to explore other areas of the city and really began to understand why everyone considers Los Angeles to be so amazing. It’s the diversity! Los Angeles is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. Within a few miles of each other you can find everything from Dim Sum in China Town to dinner on top the Ritz Carlton at Wolfgang Pucks WP24. While you’re downtown you can check out Olvera street for the most authentic Mexican Food in the city and then hop on the freeway for 20 minutes and you’re on the Santa Monica pier at The Lobster. Head down to the Pico-Robertson area to find some REAL matzoh ball soup and over 30 kosher restaurants. I could go on and on and I’ve only named a FEW. Every area of Los Angeles has something its famous for or something that makes it special. Learning and exploring all of this should be the requirement of a Los Angeles resident (:

People around me began to question my exploring and they wondered “WHY”. Some people even asked me point-blank, “why would you want to explore?” This served as yet another indication that it truly was time to broaden my horizons. If we have one life to live, why wouldn’t we want to see as much of this world as possible? Traveling abroad isn’t always an option but at the very LEAST get out and see your own city!

Today I’ve landed in Venice Beach, CA.  The funny thing is, my first adult trip to LA without being accompanied by my parents and going to Disneyland…was to Venice. With my long time girlfriend and high school buddy Michelle, Venice Beach was our destination. Michelle and I stayed in a little motor lodge across the street from what is currently one of the best restaurants in Venice “Scopa”. I cant help but to glance out the front window of Scopa and be instantly taken back to those very virgin times. Without really knowing anyone and not much of a plan, my quick trip to Los Angeles was about to become my permanent stay.  My very first Venice Beach breakfast was at The Firehouse Cafe right on Rose Avenue. It’s still there and has now become a Venice landmark. I stood outside of the Firehouse yesterday on my stroll down to the beach. I was completely taken aback by the fact that I’d made a complete circle in my life. Although I’m a completely different person today than I was that first visit, my heart is still the same and I can still feel the magic of this amazing city. Under it all I’m still that down to earth Northern California girl who just wants to laugh (and enjoy good food). On  that note, you’ll can be sure to find healthy options on the Firehouse “Body Builder” menu.

Shortly after that trip I moved to Los Angeles, Brentwood to be exact. I sometimes wonder how my life could have been different if I would have stayed in Brentwood instead of moving to West Hollywood. Brentwood vs West Hollywood? The two are so close in proximity and yet couldn’t be more different. Again an attestation to this city’s true diversity. To a 19-year-old girl, Brentwood was lovely but the REAL action just wasn’t in Brentwood and THAT’S a story for a different day (;

Life moves fast but its been these little moments of realization that do seem to define me. It’s so important to explore new areas and meet new people. It’s great for business and its great for the soul! Being stuck in one neighborhood, one scene, or one group of friends can leave you feeling stagnant and unfulfilled. Other than being really fun, whats the true purpose of my exploration? I seem to be wandering but I sure don’t feel lost! How can I share all of this with others? I guess we shall see…

Finding My Meditation



Lately I’ve found myself searching for different ways to meditate. Personally I need something different than the standard practice of sitting alone, searching for that space of zero thought and a repetitive mantra. Though I have utmost amount of respect for those who can use this practice, for me it’s not as easily achieved.

With life’s overwhelming ways, sometimes we just need an escape. We need a break from our own racing thoughts, even its just for a few minutes. Have you ever noticed that when your mind is preoccupied, it seems that it’s impossible to force it to operate at its full capacity?  It’s almost as if time stands still until you can unlock your own mind. Life continues to move around you but you remain frozen in your own stress and nothing productive is achieved. With such happening, I’ve realized that I need to find my meditation. As this realization has occurred within myself, I’ve discovered that I find peace through writing. Though I’m focused, I’m really not necessarily “thinking” and I’ve found a way to give my mind a break. This could be considered writing in a flowing “stream of consciousness”, and you don’t need to be a writer to do this.

Writing in a stream of consciousness produces this feeling of complete freedom. The sensation is something comparable to a “runners high” and its fantastic! Have you ever had this feeling? It’s almost as if you’re floating. There are no feelings of pain, tension, or stress. Some consider this to be a heightened state of consciousness but for me, it’s simply a safe place to relax. It’s a place distanced far from worry and it feels something otherworldly.

With pen to paper, I explore different scenarios and possible methods of meditation before realizing that I’m meditating at this very moment. My mind is beginning to calm. I take a deep breath, exhale and here I am feeling that everything will be alright. I can now reference all of the research of done. With my minds archived literature and learnings, guiding me to “Stay In The Moment”… I may have discovered my own personal path to the being in the NOW.

Can the ability to meditate enhance your overall productivity? My answer is most certainly YES! Meditation is a tool that can be adapted as a regular practice and can be extremely beneficial to all of us.

Today as I wind down on a positive note, I reflect on my afternoon meeting with the Marketing Expert whom I’m interested in working with. The stars must have aligned during our conversation, I just had that kind of feeling. As I replay our conversation in mind I’m realizing, WOW… this person is really excited to work with me! I wasn’t nervous about our meeting and I had no doubts going into our conversation. I’ve realized that when an opportunity doesn’t work out, it’s usually because something better or more fit for me is on its way. This shift in my thinking has proved a definite impact for the better.

I’m home tonight and feeling accomplished, happy, and looking forward to posting this article. If life is what you MAKE of it then today… I made a good day.

Can my life story change YOUR life?


“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”

~Alice In Wonderland


In addition to being a lifestyle brand, this website is also a culmination of my life’s work and experiences. As you read, you’ll begin to understand more and more about me.

Writing has always been a healing process for me. Until now tho, I have never really shared much of it. The idea behind the Branching Beauty brand was not only to inspire my readers but also to keep myself motivated as well.  As recommended by my life coach, I am to do something daily that I can write about. Although I can’t share daily, this practice has really kept me in check.

In hopes of transforming my own life through my words, I hope to do the same for you. Working on my company, writing for my site and staying true to myself are all efforts made in the direction of self discovery.  Having said that, I hope to write and share forever.

That’s all for now, just checking in!  I’m now off to write a piece on “Chlorophill”, much different than this post but indeed a good discovery as well. Have a great day!

What Success Means To Me

IMG_2204To be successful has different meaning for all of us. Personally a successful life means to be successful in all areas, not just business. While success in business is part of it for me, and I’ll be honest it’s very important to me but it’s not everything. Without balance in all areas of my life, success in business will not fulfill me. My own mind and body simply will not allow it.

What does it take to be successful in all areas of life? Well if it starts with each and every one of us singularly,  then success must mean to maintain a healthy Mind, Body, and Soul. Unfortunately I can’t encompass this entire formula in one single article but I can touch on it. I’m speaking of a process and this process can last a lifetime. I certainly don’t have all of the answers and that’s why its important for me to reach out to others in all categories. I can however, share what I’ve personally learned from other people, from my own research, and from my own life experience. The pursuit of a healthy Mind ,Body and Soul will never be complete for me and that’s the beauty of this journey. This pursuit gives us all the challenge and opportunity to constantly learn and evolve as human beings. By doing so we are also contributing to the entire collective consciousness of mankind. That’s no small task!

With each step I take in the direction of building a better life, I’ll take notes. I’ll take notes and I’ll share notes. Within each lesson there’s a story to share and with each story there’s a message to be passed on.

Thanks for reading.